If you ask a parent who his or her favorite child is, you will never get an answer. But if your little Stormi Webster (1) asks who of her parents loves her more, she will have her answer quickly.

“If they play together, that’s really the funniest thing ever”

Kylie Jenner (22) was a guest at Ellen DeGeneres. Together with her daughter Stormi she had to answer Burning Questions . Among other things, the Jenner member told us that it is a guilty pleasure to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and how her sweetheart Travis Scott (28) smells. But it was mostly Stormi who did something fun.

In between the questions Kylie asked her daughter: “Who loves you the most?” Stormi reacted even faster than the light: “Daddy!” According to the influencer, it is certainly not the first time she has said this. “Always!” She said with a surprised look on her face.

According to Kylie, Travis often plays with his daughter. “If they play together, that’s really the funniest thing ever. They scream and shout and he lets her fly through the house. They have a lot of fun together.”