Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up several months ago. Nevertheless, rumors announce that the singer would not want her ex boyfriend to marry Hailey Baldwin.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber came out together several months ago. The singer broke up with Bieber and Bieber wasted no time getting over with someone.

After her transplant, Selena Gomez spent a lot of time with Justin Bieber.Moreover, the celebrity had broken with The Weeknd to retry his luck with his ex boyfriend. Bieber and Selena went out together for several weeks and they made the fans dream. Nevertheless, the singer ended up breaking because her boyfriend did not want to engage more in their romantic relationship.

A few weeks after their breakup, Justin Bieber was seen in the arms of another woman: Hailey Baldwin. The singer seems completely in love with his new girlfriend. So much so that he did not waste time asking for her. For her part,Selena Gomez had claimed not to want to take care of the life of his ex boyfriend. Nevertheless, the starlet secretly wishes that Bieber does not marry Hailey Baldwin!


For several days, American tabloids have been trying to find out what Selena Gomez really thinks of her first love affair. Hollywood Life and Gossip Cop have announced that the starlet would not want her ex-boyfriend to say “yes” to Hailey Baldwin. According to both media, the celebrity would not really have turned the page and she would like Justin to have found love so quickly …

“Selena is secretly hoping and praying that Justin never goes to the point of her wedding with Hailey. Selena is afraid the marriage of Justin and Hailey will destroy her. “ Entrusted a starlet close to Hollywood Life.

However, this famous source is to be taken lightly. Since her break with Bieber, Selena Gomez is doing pretty well and she enjoys her unmarried status. Besides, she seemed to accept very well the fact that her ex boyfriend resumed her life with someone else. The singer had even hoped for one thing for his birthday: that his ex does not give him any news! So, did she really turn the page or does she want Hailey Baldwin? Case to follow!