Oscar Kazàn gave 31 shows in Saudi Arabia with the magic act Magic Unlimited, but was not allowed to sleep and eat with his fiancée Bregje van der Leest in that country.


That was not allowed because they are not officially married yet. “It was very strange to sleep and eat separately”, says the son of Hans Kazàn Wednesday to Story .

While his brother Renzo and his wife Mara were allowed to stay in the family room, Kazàn and Van der Leest had to stay in the “singles room”. “Only in the bus we could sit next to each other.”


The men were also not allowed to touch their loved ones in public. Kazàn and his fiancé therefore wanted to marry headlong, but that did not work out in paperwork in their Spanish home.

Permission from Prince Khalid

The magicians had to accept the rules. “But after ten days, just after the meeting with Prince Khalid, we arrived at the hotel where the manager was waiting for us, and he had a big surprise,” he said, “because we were suddenly allowed to sleep and eat together.”

Kazàn found this “really nice”. “We both did not like to eat and sleep alone, but suddenly we had permission.”

The show had to be adapted to the Saudi rules according to the magician. “We were not allowed to lift Mara and she had to be dressed so that only her head and hands were uncovered.”