Like any web service, Instagram is subject to hacking. It seems that hundreds of accounts have been hacked since the beginning of the month.

Since the beginning of August, hundreds of Instagram accounts have been hacked. The method would always be more or less similar. It is hard to say at present which fault is exploited to hack the accounts in question or if it is a data theft that allows the hackers to take control of these accounts and do what they want with them.

Massive piracy currently on Instagram

Mashable has received many testimonials from platform users who had their account hacked this month. They found themselves disconnected for no reason and once again connected, they find their nickname, their photo, their contact information and even the number associated with the account changed.

The profile picture is often modified to put a Pixar or Disney character while the email address of the account is changed to a .ru address. Some accounts have even seen dual factor authentication be disabled by hackers. It seems that these are the only changes made by hackers. No new photos, no deletion to deplore.

No comments from Instagram

In addition to Mashable’s report, many complaints about this massive hacking have been spreading lately on Twitter and communities like Reddit. Instagram has not commented on the situation, but given the bad publicity, we suspect that its teams are already conducting the investigation.