With a kidney donation, Francia Raisa saved her friend Selena Gomez’s life. After the operation, however, there were complications.

In September 2017, Selena Gomez(25, “Revival”) publicly stated that she needed a donor kidney because of her lupus disease. Among other things, she thanked Instagram via her friend Francia Raisa (29, “Grown-ish”), who gave her “the ultimate gift” and donated one of her kidneys. “I feel incredibly blessed, I love you so much, sister,” Gomez enthused. It could be imagined that the surgery had been an extremely difficult procedure for both of them. Now, Raisa tells W Magazine how difficult it really was for them.  

Three hours under the knife

Both would have had to undergo a three-hour operation. “The recovery was hard,” recalls the actress. “I did not want to eat, I did not want to drink anything.” In Gomez, however, it had apparently come to much worse complications. “A few hours after our operation, I woke up and had a message from her that said, ‘I’m really scared.'” Raisa continues. “My kidney was very active and when she turned around, an artery is torn.” Gomez had undergone an emergency operation to remove a vein from her leg and use it to form a new artery. “She could have died.” Fortunately, both women seem to be well again today.