What was the trigger? Axl Rose has compared Apple boss Tim Cook via Twitter with Donald Trump.

Axl Rose (56), frontman of the legendary rock band Guns N ‘Roses (“Sweet Child O’ Mine”), rarely keeps his mind behind the mountain. However, what has driven him to this seemingly completely indiscriminate attack is not yet known. Without any classification compared Rose Apple CEO Tim Cook(57) on Twitter with the US President. “Tim Cook is the Donald Trump of the music industry,” the singer wrote.  

He is a Trump critic

Rose is considered an outspoken Trump critic. The tweet is therefore very likely not meant to be approving. Even several hours after the lines had been dropped, Rose did not want to explain exactly what he meant by the comparison.


The musician could inter alia allude to the streaming service Apple Music. This and other services such as Spotify enjoy in some artists not a very good reputation, because they allegedly compensate the music makers too poorly. In recent years, there has been repeated criticism from the musicians. For example, Taylor Swift (28) or AC / DC have long resisted their music being heard at the services.