WASHINGTON – UPDATE 1:19 PM – North Korea wants denuclearization and will from now on refrain from nuclear testing. That has revealed a delegation from South Korea on Thursday evening (local time) in the White House, after talks between North and South Korea. Soon Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump will meet.

The revelations of South Korean security advisor Chung Eui-Yong follow a visit from a South Korean delegation to Trump, informing the US president of the last historical meeting between the two Koreas. Kim Jong-un would have indicated that it was square behind denuclearization.

The South Koreans also told Trump that North Korea would be open to an interview. Donald Trump has agreed, and will probably meet Kim Jong-un in May. In anticipation of the conversation, North Korea has already indicated to abandon completely missile tests and nuclear tests from now on.


The summit should lead to the complete release of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula. North and South Korea have had talks about this in recent days and the agreement was that South Korea would announce the outcome of these talks to the American government.

President Trump had announced the message of South Korea in advance. The joint American and South Korean military exercises will also continue ‘just’ in April, according to sources CNN and Fox News.