Arnold Schwarzenneger lends his voice to a character in the new animated children’s series by Marvel cartoonist Stan Lee.¬†“Arnie” is going to speak the voice of Arnold Armstrong (Captain Courage) in Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten.¬†Variety announced this on Thursday.

In a previous life, Arnold Armstrong was superhero Captain Courage, the greatest hero on earth. After an ultimate battle with his arch enemy Dr. Superior Captain Courage lost all his powers. Since then he teaches at a primary school and trains the new generation of superheroes there.

The former governor of California calls it an honor to participate in the series. “The series not only contains comedy and action, but also teaches children valuable lessons while watching,” says Schwarzenegger. “What I am proud of is that I am not only teaching children how to cope with their super powers, but that I can also teach children around the world about the importance of health, nutrition and exercise.” Besides being a voice actor, the Austrian is also co-executive producer of the series.

The series is one of Stan Lee’s latest projects, who died in November last year at the age of 95.