Fearless can better skip the new Netflix horror film The Perfection. The film is supposed to be so scary that the creepy scenes make viewers spontaneously bothered by migraines, nausea and even having to vomit!

In the complex psychological thriller, a former musical prodigy gets in touch again with her old mentors, but they are under the spell of a talented new pupil. And that culminates in a series of chilling events, from which viewers literally and figuratively get the shivers.

Watch the blood-curdling trailer below, but note: suffer from a weak stomach and a fear of insects? Then you might be better off skipping the new Netflix Original …

The Perfection, which has been on show at the streaming service since 24 May, is quite something. This is apparent from the responses on social media. For example, someone writes: “I’m watching ‘The Perfection’ on Netflix, and that scene in the bus makes me sick.” Someone else writes: “I advise everyone NOT to watch The Perfection.”