On Instagram, Sara Forestier made a very nice declaration of friendship to Nabilla. The actress has even sowed doubt about a possible collaboration with the pretty brunette. All the details.

While some celebrity friendships are obvious, others are surprising. This is the case of the one maintained by Sara Forestier and Nabilla Benattia. No no, you’re not dreaming, the two-time Caesarized actress, (best female winner in 2005 with Dodge and Best Actress for The People’s Name in 2014 ) is simply a fan of the sublime brunette. She did not hesitate to make it known on social networks and took the opportunity to make a great revelation.

 One is an actress, the other has become known through reality TV. One might think that Sara Forestier and Nabilla have nothing in common, yet the two women are true friends. Even sisters, if one believes the words of one that appeared without makeup before Leah Salameh in Amazing . Indeed, the pretty thirty-year-old declared her love for Thomas Vergara’s girlfriend by writing in her Instagram story: “I love you, you’re talented and soon everyone will know it. “ A fine message was accompanied by a surprising announcement.

Nabilla / Sara: it turns?

“Nabilla has not finished surprising you … soon I’ll tell you more,”she wrote. A phrase that has something to arouse curiosity and sowing doubt about a possible collaboration. While she has just unveiled her first feature film as a director (the movie M , released on November 15, 2017), Sara Forestier has she already found the heroine of her next film in the person of Nabilla? If nothing is less certain, we know in any case that these two are not friends for the needs of the camera!