A thrill-seeker Quebecker had a tragic end Monday in California crashing into a house after colliding with another paratrooper.

“It’s really a shock for everyone. We knew he was taking risks by doing wingsuit , but we never expect to learn the death of someone we love like that, “said the victim’s cousin, Marie-Anne Adam.

In the afternoon on Monday, Aime-Jean St-Hilaire Adam took part in the Wide Open Wingsuit Series Championship in Perris, more than 100 kilometers from Los Angeles.

While the 27-year-old was hovering with his winged suit, another participant collided with him, according to the Perris Airport Manager at CBS.

The native of Ripon, in the Outaouais, continued his fall and finally crashed on the roof of a residence in a residential area about 3 km from the airport.

Simon Séguin Beauchamp, ami d’Aimé-Jean Adam, décédé en parachute. / PHOTO TIRÉE DE FACEBOOK

Witnesses of the scene

“He was surely unconscious when he hit the house. He had his head down. Eventually, what I believe to be his rescue parachute came out, but did not unfold, “CBS told a neighbor witness to the scene, Ali Muhasfen.

His death was found on the scene by the rescuers.

The residents of the house where the Quebecer crashed were present at the time of the accident.

“I was in shock. I said to myself, “No, it can not be!” And it took so long to know if he was ok or not … My heart broke when they said he was not doing well, “Christina Blanco told ABC.


The man’s relatives described him yesterday as a “dreamer” who had a lot of ambition and always a ton of projects in mind.

“He was someone who was thoroughly in everything he did,” said his cousin at Journal. He was going after his dreams. It had been a long time since he wanted to make a wingsuit, and at least we know he died in a high of his life. ”

“And with all that, he was simple and endearing, respectful and humble,” he said.

“We will always be best friends, because I know he will always be there to help me outdo myself,” he said.