According to actress Rose McGowan, the # MeToo movement is “all bullshit” and are “losers”. She is referring to stars in Hollywood that publicly expressed their support for the movement.

“I know these people, they are cowardly, and as long as it looks good from the outside, that’s enough for them,” McGowan says in an interview with The Sunday Times.  “They are not no fighters, they are losers.”

Well-known artists such as Alyssa Milano would only support the movement because it would be good for publicity.


Meryl Streep is also not spared. The 45-year-old McGowan, who started the # MeToo movement a year ago with her allegations to Harvey Weinstein, now criticizes the 69-year-old actress.

Stept said in December that she did not know anything about Weinstein’s actions, but according to McGowan that is impossible. “It’s all fake, and they know that deep inside, too, but they live an empty life and that’s my punishment.”