Less than two weeks after he was sent to prison, Bill Cosby asked for release, a new case for his case and a new judge.

This is evident from court documents filed on Friday, and this weekend released to US media.

Cosby was found guilty of three cases of sexual abuse in April. The penalties were combined at the end of September, when the fallen comedian was sentenced to three to ten years in prison. Immediately after that statement, the legal team of the, The Cosby Show actor indicated that they would appeal.


In the documents, according to Deadline, the lawyers come up with a laundry list of errors that Judge O’Neil would have made in the first hearing of the case against Cosby in 2017, in the second lawsuit earlier this year and in the penal provision.

His advisers claim, among other things, that a tape used as evidence has been tampered with, that the case may have expired and that the testimony of five other accusers has infringed Cosby’s rights during the sentence.

The public prosecutor in Pennsylvania is likely to come up with a formal response to the claims within a few days.