Venom”, which started at the box office last Thursday, in a matter of days managed to shame the critics, who “stuck” to the kinokomiksu with Tom Hardy extremely low score.

If the “Venom” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, compiled on the basis of reviews by professional film critics, is still “hanging out” at a sad 32%, then the audience, personally evaluating the film in cinemas, provided him with a much higher rating. At the same Rotten Tomatoes, the Venom user rating is 89% based on more than 16,000 votes.


Interestingly, film critics are gradually beginning to realize that they were wrong – because initially, as soon as the first reviews appeared, the Venom rating was even more devastating and was 28%, and now, after a few days, it has crawled to 32%.

Anyway, the evaluation of film critics will not affect anything – “Venom” continues to triumphantly walk across the big screens and earn tens of millions of dollars, becoming a hit with the audience. For the first weekend of rent, Venom earned over $ 200 million, having already managed to “beat off” the budget and marketing costs (the stated budget of the kinocomix was $ 100 million).