Unlike its competitors like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, it is above all a face. So an actor. But one moment, one must know how to say goodbye to him.

If Freddy Krueger changed a lot during his filmography, moving from the ultimate boogeyman to the pop fanfare, he has always kept a certain constancy on a detail. Aside from the all-out remake that we prefer to forget, Freddy has always been interpreted by only one man, the brilliant Robert Englund.

Totally devoted to his character, he even played a lot in the very nice Freddy out of the night, where he asked the question of the impact of the monster on his real life and his career as an actor. The role of the actor, in which he has always given himself, whatever the quality of the finished product, and whose last incarnation goes back almost 15 years, in Freddy vs. Jason .

But now, the years go by and, if the New Line is still planning a new reboot of the saga, it seems unlikely that Englund will snap the glove, simply because our friend has just reached 70 years and he sees the kéké scratching as he did at the great era. A sad reality that the comedian confirmed himself by announcing to the microphone of Entertainment Weeklythat it had definitively finished with the character:

“I am now too old to do another Freddy, and if I were to do an action scene today, she would have to be very shy, because I could break my neck in eight different ways. even though I may still be nasty and frightening, but now I’m more relegated to the Van Helsing roles of old doctors, this kind of guy, so it’s very funny that my last performance in the role of Freddy is a wink addressed to the public. “

Englund evidently refers to Freddy’s latest scene against Jason when the Crystal Lake killer comes out of the water holding Freddy’s head suddenly alive to make us a little cuckoo. It is a big page that turns for the franchise in particular, and the horror cinema in general and, if there is no doubt that Freddy will soon know another face, we would very much like that the studio listens to the actor and hires Kevin Bacon to replace him. Because good, he knows a bit of what he’s talking about.