When Heath Ledger played it SM 

Intense, epic, deep,  The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan is considered to be many of the best superhero films in the history of the 7th art. Reporting more than a billion dollars on its release, the English filmmaker had the audacity to confirm his artistic bias on the black knight after the surprise that had been Batman Begins. Great actor of the long success, the regretted Heath Ledger had marked the spirits by his neurotic interpretation and possessed in the skin of the clown of the crime.

Totally inhabited by the role, his Nemesis Christian Bale  returns to the famous muscled scene of the interrogation where the Australian wished that English does not skimp on blows:

“As you see in the film, Batman begins to hit the Joker and realizes that it is not an ordinary enemy. The more he strikes him, the more he loves it. Heath then had a fairly similar behavior on the set. I said ‘you know I do not really need to hit you. The illusion will be the same if I do not bump you. ‘ And he said, ‘No, go ahead, do it’. He slapped himself, there were tiled walls inside which were cracked and dented because of him who threw himself against the walls. His investment was total »

Baleman also confesses that Heath Ledger really wanted to receive blows in order to really know the pain felt by the Joker . Heath wanted to crystallize his moments there.

And we are still waiting for the French release of the documentary on the hexagon  I Am Heath Ledger.