The couple celebrated two years from the start of the relationship.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married in 2018. And the other day, the couple celebrated two years from the beginning of the relationship. On this occasion, both of them published romantic posts with gentle messages.
Priyanka posted the first joint photo with Jonas and wrote:

Two years ago on this day we took the first joint photo. Since then, every day you bring me joy and happiness. I love you. Thank you for making our life together so incredible.

Jonas also dedicated a post to his soul mate:

Two years ago that day I went on a date with this beautiful woman. These two years were the best in my life. Spending the rest of your life with her is incredible happiness. I love you baby.

The first date Chopra and Jonas talk about took place on May 25, 2018. That day they went to the musical Beauty and the Beast. The next day, the couple went to watch baseball.

Just two months after the first date, Priyanka and Nick got engaged. And in December 2018 they got married. The ceremony took place in India, in the homeland of Priyanka, and the festival lasted seven days. They spent the holiday in different places, arranging separate parties for relatives and for colleagues and friends.