All that we do not know about time.

Netflix showed the first teaser of the third season of the series “Dark” and announced the date of the premiere – June 27, 2020. It is already known that the third season will be the final, and in it the audience will receive answers to all questions.

“Dark” tells about the inhabitants of the small town of Vinden, located next to the nuclear power plant. From time to time, children disappear in the town. Revealing the secret of the next disappearance that happened in 2019, residents find out that there is a wormhole in time next to the station, which transfers them into it for 33 years. As a result, the action of the series takes place simultaneously at different times. In addition to 2019/20, the action takes place in 1921, 1953, 1986 and 2053.

The creators of the series originally solved the problem of the “butterfly effect”. In most films, past events change the future. Marty McFly crashes into a pine tree, and in the present, instead of the Twin Pines shopping center, the Lone Pine shopping center appears. In the “Dark” everything is not so. If the hero was not supposed to crush a butterfly, then he would not be able to crush it. Knowing the future, a person is powerless to influence the events known to him. Some critics and viewers suspect that successful attempts at change create parallel worlds that people in our world cannot learn about. But whether this hypothesis is true, you can find out only after watching the third season.