The return of 34-year-old Amanda Bynes to public life was quite loud: first, the actress announced an engagement with her new lover Paul Michael, and then completely announced that they were preparing for the birth of a child . But what happened after that, it’s still not clear to the end: the star’s lawyer denied the news that she was preparing to become a mother, and the star herself again disappeared from social networks.

However, yesterday she got in touch with fans and told what she had been doing for the past two months.

I get a bachelor’s degree at the Institute of Fashion, Design and Merchandising. I attend online courses and try to get four points. I look forward to opening my online store.

Spent the last two months on treatment. I worked to learn how to cope with social anxiety, because of which I dropped out of school a few months ago. I’m back on track and doing well! Now I am in a transitional period of life and am engaged in therapy for a week.

Still engaged to the love of my life, Paul,

She wrote

When the wedding will take place, Amanda did not inform, and also did not spread on the topic of pregnancy. According to insiders, the stars’ parents do not approve of the upcoming marriage of their daughter, who is under their care. Recall that a few years ago Bynes became addicted to alcohol and drugs, which is why she had problems with the law. The star of the film “She is a Man” was repeatedly treated in a psychiatric clinic and underwent rehabilitation, which is why she still could not return to a normal life and acting career.