It seems that in the life of the actor comes a bright streak.

In recent years, the name of Johnny Depp sounded in the press solely in connection with scandals: a long divorce from Amber Heard, endless court hearings, allegations of domestic violence, the consistent refusal of film companies to cooperate. And finally, something good can be written about Johnny.

The other day it became known that Depp is considered for the main role in the film “Black and White Fellini” (Fellini Black and White). The actor will play the Italian director, and Penelope Cruz – his wife Juliet Mazin. The plot of the film will be built around the real story of Fellini’s trip to Los Angeles in 1957 at the Oscars. Two days before the award, the director disappeared for two days and almost missed the ceremony. The picture will become a fantasy on the topic of what the director could do during his disappearance.

Filming is due to begin this year in Los Angeles. Insiders also report that Alexander Skarsgard, Jamie Foxx and Peter Dinklage may appear in the film.