For the umpteenth time, a Kardashian (or Jenner) is accused of heavily editing a photo on social media. This is the turn of Khloé (35). The evidence that fans provide is more clear than ever.

A new day, a new look and a new Photoshop scandal for the Kardashians. Khloé received fierce criticism when she debuted with darker locks on Instagram, because she says she didn’t look like herself in the snapshots at all. The reality star has often been accused of photoshopping her photos and cosmetically adjusting her face, but this time critics also provide actual evidence. 

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If you zoom in on the first photo of the triptych, there is a Photoshop error. Half of Khloé’s butterfly chain has disappeared. Not only the suddenly disappeared accessory stands out. According to her fans, she has either had cosmetic surgery again or put a good dose of filters over the photo. “Who is this?” “Have you tinkered with you again?” and ‘The most fake photo I’ve ever seen’ it sounds in the comments. On Twitter, one even claims that Khloé turns into “a new person” every year.