The prince’s comments have suggested Harry’s interest in participating in politics in the United States.

Prince Harry’s earlier comments about his role in this year’s US presidential election have sparked a number of speculations in the eyes of experts.

The speculation initially arose after Prince Harry’s comments about not stopping voting “this” presidential election raised several suspicions, according to the Geo News site.

The comment in question has been quoted by the Daily Mail and came in the wake of the prince’s comments that he had never voted in British elections before. It was at that moment that the prince stated: “In this election, I will not be able to vote here in the United States.”

Should British royalty consider this endeavor, you will likely have to stay in the United States for at least three years and obtain a green card before your wish is granted.

Prince Harry’s latest open and honest discussion on politics occurred with Time 100, where he and Meghan Markle openly endorsed Joe Biden as the new president of the United States.

Sources close to the prince also declined to comment and chose to remain silent on a “private matter.”

However, the source added: “They are not working royalty. They are private citizens and it is understandable that they want to keep those matters private. “

For all political junkies, Prince Harry’s immigration status is still unclear as there are a variety of visas available for British citizens. One of which includes the O-1 visa intended for ‘individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements’ or those who have ‘sustained national or international recognition’.

If the prince chooses to go through the whole process, he might one day run for office, however, he will never be able to get a seat in the president’s oval office as it is only available to a “born citizen.”