Little Stormy already has an army of her fans.

Kylie Jenner touched Instagram followers with a new video with her two-year-old daughter Stormi. In the video, the baby sits on the couch, her mother lies down next to her and puts her head on the baby’s lap. And Stormy carefully puts her hand on her head.

She said, “Don’t be afraid, mommy”

– Kylie signed the video. “After this I want to have a baby”, “I melted right in the chair”, “How she put her hand on your head! Just an angel! ”,“ Stormy is so lovely! I adore her!” – Kylie’s fans write in the comments.

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she said “don’t be afraid mommy” 😢😍

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The other day, Kylie showed how she pampers her baby. She demonstrated a very expensive accessory that she bought for her daughter before starting home schooling – a light pink Hermes Taurillon Clemence Kelly Ado backpack, which costs 12 thousand dollars. It is known that Jenner collects expensive exclusive handbags. A number of bags from her collection were purchased for Stormi “for growth.” For example, she has a Louis Vuitton bag with her daughter’s name written on it and characters from her favorite cartoon. Another model – a small pink Hermés Birkin handbag – occupies a special place in the collection, it is this that Kylie wants to give to the baby as the first handbag when she grows up.

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first day of schooooool 🖤📝

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Stormy’s father is the rapper Travis Scott, whom Kylie met from 2017 to 2019. Now Jenner is in quarantine and devotes a lot of time to her daughter.

I bought her all sorts of things to play on the street: an inflatable house, a water slide and a bunch of other things. She plays outside all the time. Stormy has a wonderful life. I try very hard to keep her from getting bored. And she knows absolutely nothing about what is happening in the world,

– said Kylie