The actress said she was ready to trade anything for being at home with her husband.

Eva Mendes noted that she is not going to post photos of her children and her husband on Instagram, but this does not make her page less interesting. Mendes subscribers love her for her frankness and responsiveness, the star is happy to communicate with the public and respond to comments.

Eva recently posted a black-and-white archive shot of her happily running along the beach and complained that she hadn’t been to the beach or jogging this year.

In the morning I went to the beach for a run. Not really. This photo was taken 15 years ago. Haven’t seen the beach this year. And I didn’t run

– wrote Eve

One of the subscribers advised her to contact her husband:

Tell Ryan to get you out of the house more often.

To which Mendes replied sweetly:

No thanks, I’m fine anyway. I’d rather be at home with my man than anywhere else in the world

Also in the correspondence with fans, Eva told why she did not run this year.

My treadmill broke just before the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, I had to do without cardio. But I got into strength training and plyometrics [jumping training],

– she shared