This little Australian cannot get enough of Prince Harry

On their first big trip to Australia, Harry and Meghan had the probably sweetest bomb of the royal year burst: They expect offspring.  That Meghan absolutely brings mamma torments, she has already proven several times. But also Bald-Daddy Harry can do well with children. Especially with this little guy: The little Hosenmatz in the video is so impressed by the prince that he krault his red beard and strokes his head. Something of golden!

Harry and Meghan: Tender gestures in public
The pregnant Meghan did not scrutinize her prince in public, but showed her affection for Harry with a caring gesture: during an Australian downpour, the Duchess of Sussex was not too fond of keeping her husband’s umbrella.

A few drops of water landed anyway on the royal shirt, but who cares if you are so in love? These two bring not only the Aussies but also us to melt.