Very soon, 36-year-old Miranda Kerr will become a mother for the third time . On the eve of this event, journalists are mainly interested in the model with what it feels before the upcoming replenishment in the family, and ask her about family life. This is exactly what Miranda told in a recent conversation with reporters from Us Weekly.

Kerr admitted that her daily life with her 29-year-old spouse Evan Spiegel and her two sons Flynn and Hart have nothing to do with star life. According to the model, they all like to spend most of their free time at home.

Evan likes cooking barbecues on weekends. It makes excellent burgers and guacamole sauce. So our home parties are always fun and tasty!

– Miranda reported.

Kerr clarified that most often they organize picnics in the backyard of their house as a purely family-owned company, but sometimes they invite guests and close friends.

For the most part, we are couch potatoes! We really enjoy the simplest things: rest at home, family picnics, time spent by the pool or walking,

– told Kerr.

By the way, in a recent interview, Miranda also told about her children. So, the model told about the eight-year-old son Flynn, born in marriage to Orlando Bloom . Kerr called the boy very gentle, kind and thoughtful, and also noted that he is creative and draws very well.

About once a week we do family yoga. Flynn is very keen on practitioners. We began to teach him different asanas from an early age. Now he can sit quietly and meditate for a few minutes. He is very proud of his skill. I think yoga is good for him,- told Kerr.