It would seem that any actress could envy Jessica Alba’s success and demand, but old resentment lurks behind world-wide fame and impressive fees. In a new interview, the Sin City star spoke honestly about the dark sides of Hollywood.

The 38-year-old actress, who debuted on big screens twenty years ago, admitted that she had to build up thick skin to quietly go to auditions at the dawn of her career. Despite the fact that she played in several acclaimed blockbusters and received many prestigious awards, her way to fame can not be called “easy walk”. “In the film industry I was greatly humiliated. With me and other women actresses, they often behaved ugly and dishonestly. At the same time, I worked much more than my male colleagues. Fortunately, all this is in the past, ”said 38-year-old Alba.

According to her, life has taught her to be more aggressive and cynical, and also to persevere, which helped to survive in the cruel world of cinema. Thus, she wanted to support women from the #MeToo movement who are victims of violence and sexual harassment. “Just know that I experienced it too,” said the actress.