It has been twenty years since power couple David and Victoria Beckham got married. The footballer and the Spice Girl share their love for each other on Instagram.

“Do you see what we have created”

David and Victoria said yes to each other twenty years ago. The extravagant wedding of the British power couple was widely appreciated by the press, just like their relationship. The Spice Girl and perhaps the most popular football player in the United Kingdom joined forces and together created an empire. In the meantime they have both grown into business people with their own clothing lines, reality shows and they showed many trendy hairstyles. You know, Beckham, metroman …

Yet their greatest achievement together is probably the four children they gave birth to: Brooklyn (20), Romeo (16), Cruz (14) and Harper (7). “Wow, twenty years. See what we have created,” writes David in his Instagram post in honor of the anniversary. “I love you so much.” 

Victoria also shares a romantic compilation of the most important moments of their marriage. Brooklyn brings an ode to his parents. “Happy jubilee year, mom and dad”, he adds to an old photo of his parents. “I love you so much. Hopefully you have a fantastic day together.” 

Fairytale marriage suffered a considerable setback when it was claimed that David had an affair with the Dutch model Rebecca Loos. Shortly thereafter more women followed, but the footballer has always denied that he had slept with someone else. He also once accused an American tabloid who had published that he had had an affair with a prostitute, after which the magazine reported having lied. Nothing seems to break the perfect picture of Victoria and David.