Misguided web shop has to pay Kim Kardashian 2.7 million dollars (2.4 million euros). According to a judge, the company has unlawfully used images from the reality star to sell counterfeit couture.

The site has been placing Kim’s photos in her gala outfits for a long time, before offering counterfeit copies of her designer clothing. In the ruling, according to TMZ, the judge emphasizes that it is not an incident, but that the site has pages full on which it sells counterfeit versions of Kim’s clothing, all with photos on which it carries the original.

The company thereby acts as if Kim promotes the products, which is not true. The reality star therefore sued Misguided last February.

The question is whether Kim can expect the millions in her bank account soon. The online store has not received an official response to the charge and was not present at the trial.