Model Chrissy Teigen, 34, is now expecting her third child with her 41-year-old husband John Legend. It is already known that the couple will have a son . In recent weeks, the star has been in bed, which she has already mentioned. However, she now required hospitalization due to severe bleeding. Chrissy herself told about this on her instagram.

You all know that I’ve been on bed rest for several weeks now. And this is a very serious bed rest. For example, I get up to quickly go to the toilet, and that’s it. I take a bath twice a week, I don’t shower. I was always bleeding. I am about halfway through my pregnancy and has been bleeding for a month now. Every time I go to the bathroom, I start bleeding, but honestly, even if I just lie there, the blood will still flow. But today the difference was that it looked like they had turned the tap and left it on. It’s so weird because I feel so good

– she admitted

Chrissy noted that she is usually in a great mood during pregnancy – she said that she feels much happier than when she is not pregnant, so this situation is extremely difficult for her to come to terms with.

Together with her, her husband is in the ward, who takes care of her and provides her with all the necessary assistance.

The model also asked all her fans with a medical background to stop diagnosing her:

I cannot express in words how much I would like you to stop your guessing games. You have to believe me that I have very good doctors who know what they are doing. I share a lot, but not absolutely everything,

– noted Teigen.

As a result, she admitted that her placenta is very weak, but Chrissy feels well, and the child moves a lot and grows healthy and strong. Teigen said she and the baby will have to go through the next few weeks to get out of the danger zone.

The star also turned to her friends and asked them to stop feeling sorry for her, as she feels absolutely normal.

The star conceived her first children, four-year-old daughter Luna and two-year-old son Miles, with the help of IVF.