Taylor Swift (30) has set a record in the US hit list Billboard 200. The singer is again in number 1 this week with her album ‘Folklore’ and has topped the list in her career for a total of 47 weeks.┬áNo other female colleague managed to reach the top spot for so many weeks.

Taylor thus breaks Whitney Houston’s record. The singer topped the Billboard 200 for a total of 46 weeks. That was with the albums ‘Whitney Houston’ (1985), ‘Whitney’ (1987), the soundtrack to ‘The Bodyguard’ (1992) and ‘I Look To You’ ( 2009).

Taylor managed to top the Billboard 200 with seven of her eight studio albums. This is also the case with her latest album ‘Folklore’, which leads the list for the seventh week this week.

However, the singer still has some time to go to get close to her male colleagues. Elvis Presley topped the album chart for a total of 67 weeks. He is followed by Garth Brooks (52) and Michael Jackson (51). However, all are far from The Beatles who hold the record at 132 weeks.