50 CEnt Rotimi
Power Co-Star Say to 50 Cent that he doesn’t owe anything
50 Cent is asking his money back from “power Co Start Rotimi”

A response by the Co-star of Power Rotimi has been posted on the instagram saying that that he doesn’t owe any money to 50 Cent. On the other hand the Rapper is doubling down and say’s he’s owed $30,000.

50 Cent showing his full intentions to take the full advantage of the final season on his TV Show, “Power” and he is going after Co-stars for any money they may owe.

The Rapper of G-Unit posted on the Instagram callin gout the Actor Olurotimi “Rotimi” Akinosho who played the rol of Andre Coleman on the Starz Tv Series.

Rapper Claimed saying “Rotimi owe me some bread Man. He gave me some but he gotta show up wit that bag now. He then got very angry for the Nigerian American Star writting” “I want to punch this nia nose Rotimi got the #1 RNB album time to pay me on gang.” Fofty said with the reference of Rotimi’s Song ” Walk with me” and threatened the star saying “Walk with you, you ain’t gonna be walking after Monday. This st is #1 I need to see that bag.”