Invited in the show “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories”, Mel B has confirmed having sex with Geri Halliwell.

Geri Halliwell and Mel B were more than just friends. The two members of the Spice Girls were so close that they found themselves in the same bed … until bedtime together. This is certainly what Melanie Brown said on the set of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, broadcast on the British TV channel ITV . “Have you slept with Geri?” he simply asked the presenter. And the star responds, with a smile on her lips and a mischievous eye, shaking her head after declaring that the pretty blonde had “very beautiful breasts”. “She’s going to hate me for that (…) She’s going to kill me!” she said, laughing to the audience. “It just happened like this, we just had fun.”

According to the Daily Mail , their love affair lasted … a year! Faced with these revelations, Geri Halliwell came out of silence last April. It was through a statement signed by her representative that she chose to speak. “It’s very disappointing to read all these rumors again, especially on Mother’s Day,” says the English media, “and she would like you to know that what was recently reported is just wrong and very hurtful for her family, “ she said.