After years of teasing and mysterious trailers, Death Stranding is finally a little more conventional with a first gameplay extract and a release date.

The king of teasing, Hideo Kojima has struck again and it is finally possible to discover the very first production of Kojima Productions under the leadership of Sony, Death Stranding . After being thanked by Konami, Metal Gear Solid’s dad quickly found a solid partnership with the Japanese manufacturer.

Thus, Death Stranding uses the Decima Engine engine, designed by Guerilla for the magnificent Horizon Zero Dawn . The rendering is quite striking, so much so that one sometimes wonders how a PS4 can display such environments (it would not be surprising to see the bugger landing in crossplatform PS5 ).

The gameplay trailer above, which has been looping over Twitch for many hours. Little by little, hands invaded the screen to finally reveal new phases of play, on the track Path of Apocalyptica. Release scheduled for November 8on PS4.

The opportunity to discover new elements, including the fact that people living inside the game have built walls to live separate , and that the goal of the players will be to reconnect the cities with each other and, perhaps to rebuild a society. This postulate seems, according to the message posted by Hideo Kojima, to be the pretext to the multiplayer dimension of the game: