In New York, the premiere of the new comedy melodrama with Jennifer Lopez in the title role – “Start over”. For this event, the actress chose a lush pink dress, which has already become a sensation on the Internet. To support her beloved came her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

In social networks, they are already discussing not only the perfect couple of Alex and Jennifer, but also the outfit she chose for the premiere. Lopez appeared on the carpet in a huge pink magnificence from Giambattista Valli, adding shoes and a clutch from Jimmy Choo to it. Rodriguez did not for a minute leave his lady, holding her hand all evening, proving to the whole world how strong their love was.

The picture “Start over again” tells about a woman named Maya, she does not have any achievements in service and plus signs in the resume. But the main character does not despair and gets a job in a large corporation. For her position becomes a chance to show that the experience prescribed in the resume is not so important if you have talent. In the Russian rental tape will be released on January 10.