Sarah Rose Summers (24), miss America 2018, went through the dust deeply after receiving a wave of criticism on social media for ‘denigrating, disrespectful and condescending and discriminating’ statements about two competitors at the Miss Universe elections in Amsterdam. Bangkok. Summers called the English proficiency of the masses from Cambodia and Vietnam too bad for words.

Summers recently told in a short discussion with Rern Sinat (miss Cambodia) and H’Hen Nie (Vietnam) that the ladies would probably not be able to make it into the final of next Sunday because of their poor English. About miss Cambodia: “She does not really speak a word of English and almost nobody speaks her language. During a conversation with her she nods and laughs, while of course she does not understand a ball of what you say. Poor Cambodia. “About Miss Vietnam, the American beauty went a step further. “She laughs sweetly and friendly at everything you say to her. The proof that they understand almost nothing. “

After her statements, social media broke completely over Summers. She was accused of being afraid of foreigners and purposely calling her competitors ‘stupid’ and ‘unworldly’. According to Summers, she writes in a humbling excuse on Instagram, it was absolutely not her intention to hurt Rern Sinat and H’Hen Nie. ,, We just had a nice conversation with the three of us and then our conversation was completely disrupted internationally on social media. We can get along well together, respect each other and I would never hurt or offend other women. “

Troy Barbagallo, director of the organization that organizes the Miss Universe-election this year – is pretty in his stomach with the riot around Summers. He has now spoken with the girls and emphasizes in a statement that there has been no question of bullying or racism. “Accusations of bullying are unfounded,” says Barbagallo, who also calls the smith against American beauty a form of bullying. ,, Her statements are completely out of context. The girls were just chatting comfortably. ” 

The masses from Vietnam and Cambodia say in a short reaction to Instagram not to be angry with Summers. The Netherlands does  Rahima Dirkse  (24) from Rotterdam participate in the elections. 

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“People will see you the way they want to based on what they’re looking for – whether that be perfection or full of flaws. Remember, you will always be YOU despite the perception of others” ✨🙏🏻 A question I love to discuss: do you believe social media is positive or negative? 1. I am grateful to spread light on social media through openly sharing my love for Jesus, my joy and goofiness in the day to day, #soulscripts, and more. 2. People can be cruel and false rumors can be spread rampant. Technology is powerful so we must choose to use it for good. People can clip and edit videos to portray an entirely different message than initially intended (this is also the issue with some reality TV). Let’s choose to focus on point 1 – with the positives and spread joy. #perception

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