30 years have passed since the release of the series “Rescue Malibu”, but Pamela Anderson is still associated with the brave and attractive rescuer CJ Parker.

Shooting in the next advertising in the style of a series from the 90s is proof of this. Yesterday, the 52-year-old actress posed on the Gold Coast beach for an Australian shipping company. True, not in a red swimsuit, as fans of “Rescue Malibu” are used to seeing her, but in a black wetsuit. But – invariably – with a deep neckline.

First, Anderson applied makeup in a specially equipped tent for a long time, and then started shooting. It was noticeable that it was difficult for the actress to pose under the scorching sun, which blinded her eyes, therefore, after completing the photo shoot, Pamela hastened to put on sunglasses.

Meanwhile, in September, the series “Rescuers Malibu” celebrated its 30th anniversary. Pamela starred in it from 1992 to 1997 and was especially remembered for her ability to do a slow jog, during which her breasts excitedly bounced to the beat of movement. Since then, Anderson has starred in several films, including “Don’t Call Me Baby” (1996) and “Scary Movie” (2003), but never became a big screen star.