Kim can find inspiration for posts everywhere.

The main rule of Kim Kardashian’s popularity is not to leave his fans without the latest news for a single day. The star skillfully fills in pauses between major news feeds with posts “about nothing”, but even they – given the army of its subscribers (150 million on Instagram and 60 million on Twitter) – do not go unnoticed. The other day, Kim shared a culinary “life hack”, which brings her “great pleasure”, and invited everyone to try to repeat it. In the video, Kardashian pours M & M’s candies into the microwave and heats them for 30 seconds.

It must be done so that they are tender and warm inside, and outside crunched. Guys, this is my secret! They are so pleasant in the mouth, please try again. And let’s discuss

Kim wrote on Twitter.

As a result: 16 thousand comments, 14 thousand reposts and thousands of experiments in the kitchen. We don’t know, Kim paid M & M’s for advertising, but they must say “thank you” for sure.