How experimenting he is in hairstyling, Justin Bieber has repeatedly proven in recent years. From the half-length blond shaggy mane to raspelkurzen hair in hydrogen blond everything was there. Now, the 25-year-old has come up with something creative again: He dyed his hair baby pink, as the latest photos show.

A few days ago, paparazzi photographed Justin Bieber in Beverly Hills playing basketball with a new look . To his bright green oversize hoodie, the new pink-colored hair was particularly good – no trace of the long natural blonde hair.

Justin Bieber dyed his hair in pink sunday in BH playing basketball Nov 21, 2019

The question arises as to whether the new hair color is just a styling experiment – or perhaps a message to fans and the public.Β Justin Bieber has recently made an important announcement in an Instagram posting for his wife Hailey’s birthday a few days ago: “Happy Birthday, Babes,” wrote Justin.Β “Because of you, I want to be a better person everyday.” How you live your life is so attractive. “PS: You turn me on in any way you can, with babies next season.”