Actress Brigitte Nielsen (56) has had a feud with Queen of Pop Madonna (61) for more than twenty years. Now she claims that it has even gone one step further than words, and that she has sold the singer a serious blow.

Brigitte, who we know from movies like “Rocky VI” and “Creed II,” claims that she “beat up Madonna,” and that she went to bed with her then husband, Sean Penn, at the time.

When she was recently told that Madonna had made her audience wait two hours for a performance on her current “Madame X” tour, and then dared to say that “a queen will never be late,” Brigitte bit back. “Your arrogance is ridiculous,” she told Madonna through social media. “And no, you are not a queen.”

The hassle has been going on since 1987. “It started when we were in a club, and Madonna just kept stepping on my feet,” says Brigitte in a recent interview. “She was really rude. And in the end it got so bad that I hit her in the face. ” The blow hit hard. “She’s not really very tall, and I’m huge, so yes …”

“Then six big guys came to throw me out,” the actress continues. “That was okay, because I probably shouldn’t have done it. Before I knew it I was on the street. “

Yet she did not leave it at that. “A few months later, in the South of France, I took revenge because she had been so rude. I had an onenight stand with her husband, Sean Penn (59, actor, ed).

Two years later, Madonna and Penn split up after a four-year marriage. “And no, I still don’t regret having done it,” Brigitte concludes.