The Chinese manufacturer has detailed the new features of this public beta (with its batch of bugs).

The Chinese firm wants to share as quickly as possible with its users the latest version of the Android operating system. After a closed test phase, here is Android Pie arrives for the owners of OnePlus 6 and this in public beta. Suffice to say that the smartphone, already popular with aficionados of new technologies, will get a new lease on life with this new version of the OS. OnePlus took the opportunity to detail the additions of Android Pie for his star phone – whose successor, the OnePlus 6T, could land at the same time as the opening of a physical store in France!

Android Pie for everyone on OnePlus 6

OnePlus has announced the opening of an Android Pie public beta for its OnePlus 6 devices. Of course, the previous models should not be left behind if we believe the manufacturer himself. Note that this version, which is not final, can cause problems – it will be necessary to think twice before downloading!

OnePlus details on its forum the additions of Android Pie in public beta. Users should find a completely redesigned “Do Not Disturb” mode, another dedicated to the game, “text notifications” and notifications related to third-party calls. The OnePlus 6 benefits from the new interface of Android Pie in addition to its features like navigation gestures and other optimizations.

Note that the Google Play Store may show some people a message that the OnePlus 6 is not certified by Google and a Google Pay that does not work under the Beta Android Pie OnePlus 6.