Epic Games has heard the complaints of the players and started testing in-house to improve the situation!

Several days ago, Reddit users made their dissatisfaction with Epic Games. They explained that the Switch version of Fortnite was full of bugs that got worse with updates – even though the one on iOS is more stable. Problems included untimely slowdowns despite a good connection, friends who did not appear online when they were online, or 3D models that did not show up well. Well aware of the problem, Epic Games has communicated on these thorny concerns by explaining to work with Nintendo to solve them. First step: explain that it is better to install Fortnite on the system storage than on an SD card!

Nintendo is currently working with Epic Games to fix bugs

Epic Games, at the origin of the current success Fortnite, knows many concerns with the latter on Switch. Following numerous complaints about the bugs, the studio decided to work with Nintendo to solve them.

The players on Switch have reported concerns with 3D models and the environment that are not displayed correctly in addition to a large number of bugs that were accentuated with the updates […] We put our finger on the problem that alters the loading performance that degrades over the updates. We are working with Nintendo on a fix to bridge this gap through version 5.40. We have received good feedback from the internal testing phases and believe that this will improve the current situation.

Players on Switch, rest assured: the next version of Fortnite should finally be stable!