It appears that R. Kelly (54) himself will not be heard during his abuse case in New York. According to American media, the name of the singer is not on the list of witnesses that his lawyers will call. Several (former) employees and friends of R. Kelly do speak during the defense.

The case against R. Kelly, who is suspected of sexual abuse, human trafficking and bribery, has been going on for a month now. In recent weeks, alleged victims of the singer, among others, have spoken. Several people also spoke who, according to themselves, witnessed the misconduct of the artist.  

It was the defense’s first turn on Monday. An old friend of the singer, among others, stated in court that he had not seen Kelly abuse women. The singer himself appears to deny all allegations. The end of the lawsuit is in sight. The jury is expected to deliberate at the end of this week.

Whatever the outcome in New York will be; Kelly’s legal troubles aren’t over yet. There is also a case in Chicago for similar charges. That process has yet to begin.