Although this week she got spicy news, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for Lindsay Lohan. The actress heard that there is no 2nd season of her reality show “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” on MTV and her beach bar on Mykonos would also be closed for quite some time. But luckily Lindsay can also sing nicely, which she saw rewarded with a record deal with Tommy Mottola. This is reported by Page Six.

Lohan was previously under contract with Mottola in 2004 when she was 18 years old and then made the album ‘Speak’. That record became platinum and achieved fourth place on the American Billboard hit list.

Earlier this week, locals reported that Logans club had not yet opened this season. The logo would also have been removed , and tourists who wanted to take a look would have come home from a cold fair. “A friend of mine had made a reservation a while back, but received a phone call saying that the tent is not yet opening this season, while it is already June,” said a source. 

The MTV show, which followed the ups and downs of the staff of the beach bar, would again have ‘had too little drama’. “They wanted to see more exciting things, people who are struggling and so,” the source says. “A producer suggested letting a new season revolve around Lindsay, her mother Dina and sister Ali, but they didn’t like that.”

A spokesperson for Lindsay previously confirmed to Page Six that the MTV Show was indeed canceled, but that it had nothing to do with the beach club. According to Lohan himself ‘the club just moves to another place’. 

For many years the gossip magazines had a fat head on the life of Lindsay Lohan. She was bombed to the top as a teenage star. She started appearing at a very young age in more than 60 advertising campaigns on TV and was soon to be seen in one film after the other. Lindsay made her debut on the silver screen as an 11-year-old girl in ‘The Parent Trap’, a revision of the family film from 1961, in 1997. She immediately played a double role and thereby convinced both the audience and the critics of her talent.

The successes came in. But liquor, drugs and bad friends made Lindsay collapse into the abyss. Her chaotic life turned out to be a genuine soap. She was caught drunk driving several times, spent several times in the cell for drug possession and theft, suddenly got involved in a lesbian relationship a few years ago, and she lost all her money, forcing her to sell her houses.

There are even more worrying things on her ‘resume’. There was, for example, that bizarre rescue maneuver, in which she said she was trying to save “Syrian refugees” from kidnapping in Paris. Lohan would have asked a homeless family to give her the children, which put her at a blow from the mother when she was fed up with Lindsay’s aggressive behavior.