WASHINGTON – A large-scale fire broke out at a refinery in Philadelphia early Friday morning, sparking a fireball in the sky and shutting down nearby roads, according to television and local authorities.

Images broadcast by the local television channel NBC10 Philadelphia showed plumes of smoke escaping from this refinery, PES, located in southern Philadelphia.

The refinery management said it was in the process of enumerating staff on site, according to the chain.

The fire took place at around 4am, according to the media, according to which a series of explosions took place. The fire was visible for miles.

In a message on his official Twitter account, the local emergency management office called residents and businesses east of the fire site to stay indoors until further notice.

A fast lane was briefly cut to traffic while firefighters took control of the fire.

The PES refinery, which was established 150 years ago, is the largest on the US East Coast, according to its website, and produces 335,000 barrels a day.