Demi Moore takes a recurring role in a series in which also participates Alden Ehrenreich, the solo Ian Solo singer : A Star Wars Story.

While some American filmmakers have recently discovered the world of television series by participating for the first time, this is not the case of Demi Moore, who returns occasionally. The 56-year-old actress began her career in the long-running drama Hopital Central,a soap opera launched in 1963 and still airing on ABC. If, very quickly, Demi Moore succumbed to the sirens of the cinema, she continued to appear in various TV movies and series. It has been seen in Clair de Lune, The Tales of the Crypt, Ellen, Will and Grace … Lately the actress played a role in Empire and lent her voice to a character of Animals, the animated series launched in February 2019 on HBO that can be seen on OCS.

Today Demi Moore is again talking about her, not for a new role at the cinema but because she joins Alden Ehrenreich (seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story , which was about the youth of Ian Solo) at casting of Brave New World series. She will play Linda’s recurring character, a tough guy, and the mother of John the Wild, played by Alden Ehrenreich. This sci-fi series is adapted from a novel by Aldous Huxley published in 1932, which evokes a society made of prohibitions and deprivations.