The first column of the actress has already been published on the website of the magazine.

This was announced by Edward Felsenthal, the chief editor and CEO of Time. He also shared the details of cooperation: the magazine will work with Angelina Jolie on an ongoing basis, and now every month the actress in her column will write about military conflicts and human rights.

The first article came out on Wednesday, June 19, on the eve of World Refugee Day. In it, Angelina touched upon the differences between migrants and refugees:

The illusion is that any state can hide behind its borders and hope that the problem will disappear. We need leadership and effective diplomacy. We need to come to a long-term world based on justice and transparency regarding human rights, and to ensure that refugees can return home.

This is not a soft approach, but a more complex plan of action. But only he can change something.The distance between us and the refugees is much less than we think.

Recall, Jolie’s public work has long been closely related to the problem of migrants: she already more than anyone knows what the real situation is in the countries of the Middle East, South America and Africa. The actress has made many trips to refugee camps in Bangladesh , Turkey, Peru , Malta, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and other countries. Two weeks ago, she visited a refugee camp from Venezuela, and in April took part in a meeting of the General Assembly of the world organization dedicated to peacekeeping operations in the world. Also a year ago, Angelina, as the UN Goodwill Ambassador, visited the Iraqi city of Mosul , injured during the hostilities.