Not only Britney Spears fans have doubts about the management of Britney’s Instagram account, but her mother Lynne also suspects that people are messing around with removing comments from posts. This is reported by Page Six.

Lynne responded to a post from fan account AbsoluteBritneycom, accusing the singer’s management of removing positive responses and leaving only the negative ones, creating the impression that Spears urgently needs help. “I also wrote something and tried to find it again, but nowhere to be seen! While I had just posted my comment. I know you are a real Britney fan and you care about her, so I want to thank you for denouncing this. I have heard this complaint from several people, “said Lynne.

According to ‘Team Britney’, all these conspiracy theories can be referred to the realm of fables. “We strongly deny that we would take such actions.” Earlier, Britney herself said that she, and no one else, manages her social media. Because of the somewhat strange videos that the singer has posted over the past period, fans still wonder if she is not being held in her grip by her management.

The rumors that Britney was forced by her team to make lucrative deals, without taking into account the singer’s limits, have been circulating for some time. When she was recently admitted to a clinic, the rumor mill turned completely crazy. The hashtag ‘Free Britney’ was created. Because Spears, who is under guardianship and should not be allowed to make decisions about her career and finances, would be squeezed out by her team.

For example, there is doubt about the ‘Domination’ concert series, which would normally start in February in Las Vegas but was postponed because the singer was not feeling well. Britney herself denies being forced to do so and according to her team the star was “functioning and stable” during the early days of “Domination.” Unfortunately her medication was changed and her father fell ill, after which she quickly went downhill.