Despite the success of the Nintendo Switch, the Kyoto firm still relies on the Nintendo 3DS and plans to release new products in the coming months.

Since 2015, sales of Nintendo 3DS have not dropped drastically and the Japanese manufacturer is well aware. Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima has recently reaffirmed his desire not to give up the portable machine that has sold more than 72 million copies worldwide: ” The characteristics of the 3DS, its price, and the possibilities it offers in terms of gameplay are not the same as the Switch. We plan to support it in parallel, relying on its already installed fleet and the richness of its line-up. 

He goes on to say: ” We are obviously developing new games, but we believe that it is important to exploit the many titles already available on 3DS, in order to stimulate sales both for owners of the machine and those who have just bought it. The affordable 3DS makes it the # 1 console for kids with no video game experience. It is also in a good position among budget-conscious consumers. We will continue to promote it to them. 

Nintendo has sold 4 million copies of SNES  Classic Mini

While the Super Nintendo Classic Mini exceeded the milestone of two million copies sold worldwide in just one month after its launch on the market, the Kyoto firm announced that the miniature reissue of the SNES has since accumulated another times two million copies, which means that the machine has now sold to no less than four million copies worldwide. An incredible performance that should motivate Nintendo to release other miniature versions of its products.