The record growth of the Nintendo Switch draws the curiosity of the American publisher Take-Two Interactive (parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K).

At a recent investor conference , Take-Two Interactive Managing Director Strauss Zelnick recounted the Nintendo Switch’s significant success in the space of a few months and the possibility of new licenses for the Nintendo Switch. last: “As for the porting of new games on Switch, we have obviously already given, since we have worked on the NBA, WWE and LA Noire licenses. We approach the Switch like any other platform: the opportunity of a portage depends on the development costs if the game is the console and if the installed base is sufficient (…) We are impressed by its growth, by the number of copies already sold so far, so we are very optimistic, but we have no new announcements yet. 

Recall that many rumors provide since January that GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption will be announced on Nintendo Switch during the year … If the last Nintendo Direct Mini was not the opportunity to see these two ports, it could well be that the month of February is finally the good opportunity for Take-Two and Rockstar. Answer in the coming weeks before certainly a real Nintendo Direct rich in many announcements for the living room / laptop console of the Kyoto firm.

GTA 5 approaches the 100 million games in the world

During its quarterly conference, Take-Two Interactive also reported that 90 million copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 had been distributed worldwide, an additional five million in three months (Rockstar announced that it had distributed more than 85 million copies last November). At this rate, GTA 5 is expected to exceed the 100 million copies sold during the year.